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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fascinating Facts About Smile That You Must Know

Fascinating Facts About Smile That You Must Know(Interestingawesome.blogspot.com)

"The real man smiles in trouble,  gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection."
Thomas Paine

Smiling…! It feels good and looks great. But did you know that, even if you put on a false smile, it will actually cheer you up? It has power to boosts your immune system. Also it has many health benefits. But what is a smile? A smile is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth .Among humans, smiling is an expression denoting pleasure , sociability , happiness , joy or amusement . Also a smile seems to have a favorable influence upon others and makes one likable and more approachable. So here are some reasons why you should smile today and every day in your life.

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  1. Smiling is a universal thing. Around the world, hugs, handshakes and bows can mean different things in different countries, but the meaning of a smile is universal. Wherever you travel, if you smile you convey happiness, good nature and friendliness.
  2. Some smiles include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action known as a "Duchenne smile". Smiles performed without the eye contraction can be perceived as "fake".
  3. Among humans, smiling is an expression denoting pleasure , sociability , happiness , joy or amusement . It is distinct from a similar but usually involuntary expression of anxiety known as a grimac .
  4. Primatologist Signe Preuschoft traces the smile back over 30 million years of evolution to a "fear grin" stemming from monkeys and apes who often used barely clenched teeth to portray to predators that they were harmless.
  5. Smiles are contagious. It’s not just a saying: smiling really is contagious, scientists say. Have you ever been around someone who seemed to be smiling all the time? Chances are, you found yourself smiling as well. This is because smiling is incredibly contagious. So, next time you’re feeling down, seek out your happiest friend and let the smiles begin.
  6. Smiling help you to live longer. Smiling has many benefits, not the least of which is that smiling can actually help us live longer. People who smile more often are generally happier and, since smiling decreases blood pressure and releases endorphins, it’s a great way to boost health and protect your golden years.
  7. Smiling Boosts The Immune System. According to recent data, smiling can help boost the immune system by decreasing stress levels, which in turn increases white blood cell count and releases beneficial antibodies that help fight infection and disease.
  8. There are many different types of smiles. Actually there are 19 different types of smiles. Types of smiles include the felt smile, the fear smile, the miserable smile and the flirtatious smile etc:-
  9. Smiles Relieve Stress: Your body immediately releases endorphins when you smile, even when you force it. This sudden change in mood will help you feel better and release stress.
  10. We still smile at work(which not usually happen).While we smile less at work than we do at home, 30% of subjects in a research study smiled five to 20 times a day, and 28% smiled over 20 times per day at the office.
  11. Just smiling can require your body to use up to 53 muscles, but some smiles only use 5 muscle movements.
  12. The simple act of smiling can go a long way toward boosting morale in difficult situations, as well, and is a powerful practice for those employed in difficult fields, such as medicine, hospice and home care. These jobs often entail dealing with great sickness, disability and transition and the simple act of smiling has actually been proven to significantly boost morale in hospital settings.
  13. Studies have found that women smile more often than men but the difference disappears when men and women occupy similar business or social roles. Many scientists interpret these results to indicate that gender roles are fluid and that both men and women act differently depending upon their social or business environment.
  14. Studies have shown that even a forced smile, when you are feeling unhappy, will increase your mood and help you feel better instantly.
  15. Smiling is very easy. Frowning actually takes more work from your body, involves more muscles, and is much more difficult than keeping a smile. So take the easy route and put a smile on your face!
  16. Although most behaviors are learned through observation, babies are actually born knowing how to smile. Even babies who are born blind will still smile at you.
  17. By far, smiles are the quickest facial expression to be recognized by others when compared to other facial expressions. People can recognize a smile from up to 300 feet away.
  18. Women are more likely to smile than men. The average woman smiles approximately 62 times a day. In that same day, a man only flashes his pearly whites a mere eight times.
  19. When asked to select more attractive counterparts, study participants at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen pointed to those people who were beaming. In another recent lab report, 69 percent of those asked said that women look younger and more attractive when they wear a smile rather than makeup. So if you are a girl, just give your best smile.
  20. But oddly, men look better without a smile. Strangely though, the opposite of point 16 is true of men. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that women prefer a brooding man to a smiling one.
  21. It has been found that employers are more likely to promote employees who smile a lot, than those who do not, although it’s probably not a good idea to go around grinning insanely at your boss all day long.
  22. Smiling translates into your tone of voice, when you speak on the telephone. Customer service reps are taught to smile, when they take calls, because it makes their voices sound more friendly and helpful.
  23. People who grin consistently are more likely to have healthy marriages, say researchers at DePauw University in Indiana. Some say it’s because smilers can more easily express their emotions, and others think that people who smile often attract happier people, allowing them to form stronger, more positive connections.
  24. Some cultures using smiles to convey confusion or embarrassment.
  25. Cheek dimples are visible indentations of the epidermis , caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people's cheeks, especially when they smile. Dimples are genetically inherited and are a dominant trait. A rarer form is the single dimple, which occurs on one side of the face only.

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So a little smile, can gives you so any health benefits. And it helps you to make new connections with others. Stay happy, and always wear a smile even in your hard time. And believe me, things will get fine finally. So what do you think about smiling? Is it good?Hit the comment to let us know about your views about smiling. 

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