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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Interesting Facts About One of The Best Movie Ever Made,Inception

Interesting Facts About One of The Best Movie Ever Made,Inception( Interestingawesome.blogspot.com)

Inception is a 2010 science fiction heist thriller film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan , and co-produced by Emma Thomas . The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious, and is offered a chance to have his criminal history erased as payment for a task seemingly-impossible: "inception", the implantation of another person's idea into a target's subconscious. Inception was filmed in six countries, beginning in Tokyo in June 19 and ending in Canada in November 22. Its official budget was US$160 million, split between Warner Bros and Legendary .Nolan's reputation and success with The Dark Knight helped secure the film's $100 million in advertising expenditure. A box office success, Inception has grossed over $800 million worldwide.

"Cobb : You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream and fill it with their subconscious.
Ariadne : How could I ever acquire enough detail to make them think that it's reality?

Cobb : Well, dreams, they feel real while we're in them right? Its only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange."

Here is the movie trailer, 

Inception opened to acclaim from critics, who praised its story, score, and ensemble cast. It won four Academy Awards for Best Cinematography , Best Sound Editing , Best Sound Mixing , and Best Visual Effects, and was nominated for four more: Best Picture , Best Original Score , Best Art Direction , and Best Original Screenplay .Inception is considered as on of the greatest movie ever made and this is special. This is a rare summer movie you can ever watch. With that we can move to the post, interesting facts about Inception.

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  1. After the 2002 completion of Insomnia , Nolan presented to Warner Bros. a written 80-page treatment about a horror film envisioning "dream stealers" based on lucid dreaming. Emphasizing on professional-scale experience, Nolan retired the project and instead worked on 2005's Batman Begins , 2006's The Prestige, and The Dark Knight in 2008. The treatment was revised over 6 months and was purchased by Warner in February 2009.
  2. If you take the first letters of the main characters' names - Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito - they spell "Dreams". If you add Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf, the whole makes "Dreams Pay", which is what they do for a mind thief.
  3. The fifth Christopher Nolan movie (out of the seven) to enter the IMDb Top 250, along with Memento (2000), Batman Begins (2005), The Prestige (2006), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), and Interstellar (2014).
  4. The movie's runtime (2 hours and 28 min) is a reference to the original length of Édith Piaf's song "Non, je ne regrette rien", which lasts (on its first recorded edition) 2 minutes and 28 seconds.
  5. As of 2015, this is the last movie shot on film, not digitally, to win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography; all of the winners since have been shot digitally. And Leonardo DiCaprio's highest rated movie on IMDb.
  6. When he first started thinking about making the film, Nolan was influenced by "that era of movies where you had The Matrix (1999), you had Dark City (1998), you had The Thirteenth Floor (1999) and, to a certain extent, you had Memento (2000), too. They were based in the principles that the world around you might not be real.
  7. Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine returned to work with Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
  8. Inception is one of the top 50 highest grossing films of all time. [2015]
  9.   When Cobb is on the plane and is given his passport, the face seen in the photograph is actually that of Christopher Nolan.
  10. In the film, the characters are from five different continents across the globe performing major heist. Cobb, Arthur and Mal from US (N. America). Cobb fetches Ariadne from Paris (Europe); Eames and Yusuf from Mombasa (Africa). Saito is from Japan (Asia). Fischer from Australia.
  11. For the explosion that takes place during the bistro scene, the local authorities would not allow the actual use of explosives. High-pressure nitrogen was used to create the effect of a series of explosions. Pfister used six high-speed cameras to capture the sequence from different angles and make sure that they got the shot.
  12. Nolan also chose not to shoot any of the film in 3D as he prefers shooting on film using prime lenses , which is not possible with 3D cameras.
  13. Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas was inspired by Nijō Castle and found examples of traditional Japanese architecture that had been recreated as brand new. He and Nolan thought it was really weird and strange and liked it, so that’s where they started with the look of the film.
  14. Nolan based roles of the Inception team on those of filmmaking; Cobb is the director, Arthur is the producer, Aridane is the production designer, Eames is the actor, Saito is the studio, and Fischer is the audience. The director said, “In trying to write a team-based creative process, I wrote the one I know.”
  15. Nolan felt the train scene was going to be important to demonstrating that Cobb could bring dangerous elements into his dream at “the worst time imaginable.” He feels that grand scale events can make an action movie and wanted to take Inception to “the next level.”
  16. Wally Pfister explained that the zero-gravity hallway fight scenes were achieved by using “…massive, rotating sets that twisted and turned and forced Gordon-Levitt to maneuver with utmost caution. Five-hundred crew-members were involved in the scene, which took a full three weeks to complete.” The sets were built in a London airplane hangar, including a horizontal hallway that rotated 360 degrees, a vertical one and a set with steel trolleys to which the actors were attached by wires (later erased using visual effects).
  17. In the first level of the dream (The City), every license plate's state nickname is “The Alternate State”.
  18. A series of numbers keeps appearing. The number that Fischer gives Cobb is 528491. The two hotel rooms used are rooms 528 and 491, one above the other. The number that Eames gives to Fischer is 528-491. The combination to the strongroom starts with 52, and the combination to the safe is 528-491.
  19. Phonetically, “Cobb” means “dream” (khwab) in Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Punjabi.
  20. One of the reasons why Christopher Nolan cast Tom Hardy as Eames was because of his performance in the film RocknRolla. Hardy thought he was cast because of his role in Bronson but when arrived on set he found out Nolan had never even seen Bronson .
  21. Nolan wanted to build a paradoxical staircase that worked, but it wasn't possible . So, they built a staircase that just ended abruptly. In order to make them look like a paradox on camera, the crew turned to a visual effect team.
  22. Ariadne is named after the daughter of Minos in Greek mythology.
  23. The actors didn’t have too much trouble telling which level of the dream world they were supposed to be in at the time because of their costumes.
  24. The scene in which the van falls off the bridge in slow motion took months to shoot. For the underwater portions, actors were holding their breath for up to five minutes at a time, with the occasional top off from a SCUBA tank. As for how they got the van to fall off the bridge? It was shot out of a cannon.
  25. Nolan hasn’t commented much on Inception's ambiguous ending. In 2010, he told CNN that the film was intentionally left that way, so he has no desire to add to the conversation.
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