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Monday, September 12, 2016

Amazing Facts About Human Body(Videos)

Amazing Facts About Human Body

 "The human body and mind are tremendous forces that are continually amazing scientists and society. Therefore, we have no choice but to keep an open mind as to what the human being can achieve."
Evelyn Glennie

Modern humans ( Homo sapiens) are the only extant members of Hominina clade, a branch of the taxonomical tribe Hominini belonging to the family of great apes. They are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; manual dexterity and increased tool use, compared to other animals; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies. Arguably humans are one of the greatest creation of mother nature. The human body is an incredible thing and so many awesome things happening right now inside of your body. Some of these facts may be hard to believe, but they are actually happening. This post  is the final  part of the post, Amazing Facts About human. Here are some awesome videos about Human body.

1.10 Incredible Human Body Facts That Will Blow Your Mind! 

2.30 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About The Human Body. 

3.Why Your Body Is AMAZING.


5.10 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

6.Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Body

7.101 Facts About The Human Body

8.10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Human Body
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